どのように使われていくのか?どんな人が来るのか?どう変わっていくのか? そう考えていると「建物を作る事だけ」が僕らの仕事ではなく、その後のための「準備をする」のが僕らの本当の仕事ではないかと思えてきます。




I think about things after the building I designed goes out of my hand when it is completed.

How it is going to be used? What kind of person is going to visit? How it is going to change?

When thinking about these things, I think that our real job is not just to “design and built a building” but to
“prepare” for the things that would happen after the building is completed.

Each building is different but when thinking how it is going to be used? or how it is going to change?
there is a “vital point” which leads to it in each work.

For example, those can be the natural environment that surrounds the site, or the interior such as the furniture, small articles and material which cannot be seen like time or number.
Those are beyond the scope of what we have handled in the field of architecture.

I hope that by adding these elements just a little bit,the building can become more lively after it goes out of my hand.