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Waterfall Villa




設計:S デザインファーム株式会社
施工:株式会社 Alex


It is a unique premises with a gentle slope overlooking the sea and the sky surrounded by nature. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Okinawa such as the light of the rising sun and the setting sun, the wind blowing from the sea and the forest spreading behind. However, there was a construction plan on the adjacent site on the sea side, so we had to consider a building that meets conflicting requests such as “blindfold” and “view”. Therefore, we created an experience like water flowing from the sea by setting up a blindfolded wall diagonally to hide the building that is built on the adjacent site and letting water flow into the pool from the tip of the diagonal wall. The sloping wall where the water flows enables to “block the sight from the outside” and “ensure the view of the sea from the inside”, and also create a sense of continuity with the distant sea. As the number of virtual experiences that can be easily experienced increases, the experience in nature gives us the opportunity to enrich our hearts and emotions that we cannot get in our daily lives. We think that the role of an architecture created in a rich natural environment is to maximize the charm of the land and enhance experience.

“Currently applying for copyright in registered architectural design”

Shikauchi Takeshi +Watanabe Hiroki

Main use: Weekend housing
Construction type: New construction
Structure / Scale: Reinforced concrete 1st floor above ground
Site area: 343.03 m2
Total floor area: 59.07 ㎡

CLAVI Design Produce: MAREAS Co., Ltd.
Design: S Design Farm
Interior design: Watanabe Hiromi