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Villa b(南阿蘇の研修所)

Villa b(別ページで開きます)

Villa b(南阿蘇の研修所)


外構設計:GA ヤマザキ
施工:株式会社 橋本建設


“Villa b”

This is a training facility for a travel business related company which stands in a rural aspect over looking Mt, Aso in Kumamoto.
The request from the client was “A place where employees can relax and refresh during the training. “Use material, furniture and accessories from Bali.” Considering these requests we came up with an exterior which blends into the dynamic landscape of Aso, and an interior which enwraps material, furniture and accessories from Bali with overwhelming presence.The architecture itself is not a single large building but it is a gathering of small buildings. In addition it is not a square building which you see in the city but is a triangle building which is made by 2 structure. One is the angled wall which serves both as wall and ceiling and the floor. By this structure the exterior blends with the mountain range, trees and the scenery of the village and inside the building the high ceiling enwraps  the unique furnishings from Bali.As the company offers travel which is an experience, we want the employees to experience many things through this architecture.

Project: Villa b
Designer: Takeshi Shikauchi / Takeshi Shikauchi Architect Office
Structure design: Ohno JAPAN
Collaborative design: ON design partners
Location: Kumamoto, Japan
Building type: Training facility
Construction type: Newly built
Total floor area: 281.4㎡
Construction: Hashimoto construction
Furniture planning: kaja
Photographer: Koichi Torimura

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